Death of a Concept: That Words Like “Thoughts and Prayers” Can Dismiss a Mass Murder

Close to thirty people were suddenly murdered at a church in Texas on Sunday, November 5, 2017, while their heads were bowed in reverent prayer. These were Southern religious people – church was a huge part of their lives: it’s where they found solace, acceptance, release, community, strength. They put their hope in prayer and God – they put their faith foremost in their lives. And they no doubt voted for candidates who lied and announced they cared about people of faith above all – for hypocritical candidates who believe in the right to life – then provide fancy upscale abortions in private medical facilities for their pregnant mistresses. You can bet most of the Christians in this church voted for Trump – gullibly believing he and his pissed-off posse actually had their interests at heart. As if anything Trump says is ever truly representative of the reprehensible blowhard he is in reality. Of course, the only reality he knows is on tv – if it makes him money. It’s a case of the blind leading the blinder. So who’s the blindest here? Anyone allowing the NRA to pay their way to allow guns, guns and more guns in America – the home of the bought. That’s politicians and voters, people.

So in the aftermath of the most recent shooting in America – by a nihilist atheist who abhorred religion – we can only pray this lunatic shooter was wrong and went straight to hell – President Trump (a year in and those two words still seem very weird) and Speaker Paul Ryan sent out their obligatory morning tweets, bestowing on the relatives and loved ones of those who’d been murdered in cold blood their “thoughts and prayers.”

What we say: SAD!

The Twitter feedback both were bombarded with back, and right away, was definitely NOT the respect both expected, having believed they imparted empathy, formality – and perfect manners. Trump and Ryan probably felt they deserved congratulations for their obviously obligatory staged emotions. Instead they were barraged with anger – at the hypocrisy of letting the National Rifle Association’s hush money silence them on passing better gun control legislation. At this point, we might as well call it what it is: blood money. The blood of those who’ve died in mass shootings in America is on the Republican party, because they feast on NRA contributions to fund their election campaigns. They answer to the NRA. This means both are deep in the muddy pool of Trump’s noxious swamp. What will it take to make some change in our gun laws? A member of NRA to be an unfortunate part of a crowd where a mass shooting occurs? Would that even do it?

The throwaway-easy act of sending of “prayers and thoughts” from politicians has always been cold-blooded when it comes to murders they could have at least tried to prevent. Now those expression are being called out for being just plain stupid. “Those people were in CHURCH!” expressed one pissed off Tweeter. “They WERE praying! A lot of good it did them!!”

The pretense of Trump and Ryan – and any other Republicans – of being good caring Christians who even give a f— about their fellow man (unless it’s Putin) was shattered – buried – on Twitter this week, by thousands of Tweeters who laughed at and scorned two buffoons sending prayers to people who watched those closest to them get murdered while praying. CLEARLY, those prayers didn’t do them a lot good. If prayers had any meaning outside of quiet solemnity, they wouldn’t be dead. And guns in America wouldn’t be rampant – more than easily available for any psycho to buy – and use.

Let’s face it: if there was a God (who wasn’t a Republican), he’d eliminate the NRA – and serious severe gun control would be installed in this country as fast as it takes the wind to make Trump’s hair resemble rooster nesting ground.

So, note to hypocrite lyingly religious lawmakers in the White House and on Capitol Hill: enough with the f—ing prayers already, okay? We know you don’t give a shit – because if you did, you’d act on it and smack down the widespread distributions of firearms tomorrow. Don’t send us your hopes and prayers and best wishes and Happy Birthdays and Merry Christmas’s and so sorry’s – because they’re as empty as Mitch McConnell’s words promising Americans great healthcare. If the words “thoughts and prayers” think of coming out of Trump or Ryan’s mouth ONE MORE TIME: perhaps they’ll give it a little thought – and start praying people might vote for them again. Because that’s what it will take for them to get re-elected – a wing, a prayer, and absolute despair – as no doubt many of the families of those murdered in mass shootings (Vegas) believed the b-s that only Trump could save them. The word “prayers” is empty – hollow –  if not followed by some effort to actually do good – as with helpless hurrican victims in Puerto Rico. Gentleman: don’t send balloons. Send help. Send protection. Send something real. Or as a our fearless (sure) foolish leader keeps tweeting: DO SOMETHING! – by Merle Ginsberg

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