O-Bits: Murders Most Foul

O-Bits hasn’t had to think about cleaning snow from our walkways in many years, but we used to make a couple of bucks on snow days clearing our neighbors driveways, so we’re glad we never met Wendell Earl Popejoy. That’s because Popejoy acted in a very un-Pope like (and certainly non-joyous) manner when he killed his neighbor, Sheila Bonge, while she was using her snow-blower to clear the snow from his driveway. According to WOOD-TV, he then hid her body behind his house, probably believing she’d keep until the spring thaw. As for his motive, none was given; Popejoy saw her clearing out the driveway and decided to kill her. 

Jeff Sessions might want to reconsider his decision rescinding DOJ rules about going after states that have legalized marijuana after reading this story from the Salt Lake Tribune. Because Seth Carreras killed Hunter Woodson after he was bought an ounce-and-a-half of paprika, pepper, and other spices that he believed was weed. Leaving aside the fact that everyone knows that oregano is the best herb to use when you’re trying to rip someone off when selling them fake pot, you know this would never have happened if Carreras had been able to walk into his local dispensary make his purchase.


Finally, in Ohio, Derrick Williams was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the murder of his mother. Williams told the court he had been getting messages the game show “Wheel of Fortune” and that host Pat Sajak was telling him to kill his mother. “He is clearly psychotic,” his defense attorney argued. He’s about to discover that he won’t be able to solve this puzzle by buying a vowel…

Steven Mirkin

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