O-Bits: Cold Cold Ground Edition

See if this doesn’t get your attention: “Nepal officials estimate that about 200 bodies remain scattered across Everest. A few are so familiar, so well preserved by the subfreezing temperatures, that they serve as macabre mileposts for the living, including one corpse commonly called Green Boots.” That’s from a New York Times story about an ill-fated attempt to climb Mt. Everest by a group of working-class East Indians who lived in the shadow of the mountain. One thing the story makes clear: as most everywhere else, the 1% has a better chance of making it to the top of Everest.

Those of you who prefer to take on the elements in a safer, VR-styled manner, Sólfar Studios, the makers of Everest VR, have announced their next VR game will be In Death. According to their website the game will follow a single shooter game set in “a godless afterlife.” With Heaven abandoned “angelic creatures and demons alike have run amok. Only a courageous hero that dares to venture deep into the Afterlife will be able to restore Harmony.” The game game will be released sometime in 2018.

Finally, in Coeur d’Alene, Washington the mayor was in hot water for not providing enough heat. Mayor Steve Widmyer was also the landlord for a 73-unit low-income housing complex. when one of the tenants died from hypothermia, despite repeated complaints about the lack of heat and hot water, her son sued the Mayor for wrongful death. He suit was settled, the Spokane Spokesman-Review reports, but it remains to be seen how the voters will feel about returning a slumlord to office. (Ed. Note: So, how do you explain Donald Trump?)



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