Cultured Bit: Paint It Black! Who Doesn’t Want a Black Christmas Tree?

For those of us who like everything black – not just dresses, shoes, boots, coats, pants, shirts, glasses, sweaters, handbags, hats – but in my case, sheets, pillow cases, curtains (with gold brocade), cups, plates, nail polish – it goes on and on – we’ve got a great holiday treat for you: a black Christmas tree! That’s right – we’re dreaming of a black Christmas tree, and we found one, at And it definitely wasn’t easy. Green – easy. Silver- pretty easy. White – harder. Black – almost non existent.

And how bout it’s name? “Classy Black Tree!” It will be a conversation piece for your holiday parties with its high gloss needles, clear lights and matching black tree stand. It comes with pre-strung lights for drama and to be seen in the dark. For Santa, of course. And it will go with everything. Your friends and loved ones will probably think you’re a Goth or a morbid hipster – an extra added bonus! Oh, and yeah – it’s fake. Drag it out next year and be super cool again.


Classy Black Tree from

Classy Black Tree from

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